Martin Martini

September 13, 2008

A rock band with a clarinet player who discusses his new relationship with the 19 year-old electric guitar player during the interlude? A tap-dancing lead singer with his hair in piggy-tails singing about a monkey in love with a sardine?  Yes, all that and more last night as we entered the weird world of Martin Martini and the Bone Palace Orchestra for M.’s birthday celebration last night (if you watch the video closely enough you might just catch M. and I dancing on the stage during the final song).   The lyrical heirs of They Might be Giants with more musical talent, the Australian band that we had never heard of until we read a review in the Guardian the other day made our evening.  And the song we laughed the most at was entitled “North Korea,” which Martin explained as being about “the new world order.”  Didn’t quite understand the world view behind it, but it was funny.  A sample of the lyrics below.   

North Korea… Why don’t you take a bow?  You’re no longer a little boy, You’re a grown up now.  Noooooorth Korea.  You’re as pretty as hell.  Your dead father, would be so proud.  


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