September 29, 2008

I’ve come down with something: Palinitis.  Governor Sarah Palin, Republican Nominee for Vice President, is making me sick.  As a fellow blogger described: “Palinitis is a systemic inflammation that afflicts millions of liberals across the country. Initial onset appears as a mélange of slight irritations, but over time and with increased exposure, may grow to a massive and contagious rash with an array of physical and psychological effects.”  This article from the New Yorker explains (with humour and brevity) exactly what it is that I don’t like about Palin.  Namely, she makes Bush look kind of smart.


3 Responses to “Palinitis”

  1. […] state).  I wish that I could comfortably predict that come November we will again fail to elect a female vice president, but I’m not making any predictions just […]

  2. Betty C. said

    Uh, I’ve got that too. But at least I know that I have a reward waiting for me in heaven.

  3. […] infuriates me but I do think that she’s become clever (or at least gotten better advisors) since the 2008 […]

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