I’d like to teach the world to vote

October 9, 2008

If I had a dime for every time a foreign friend said to me that they should get a vote in the American election given the impact American politics has on life outside of the US, I’d have… about $10.  But still, that’s 100 people that really seemed to believe they should have the right to vote in the election of a country that was not their own.  Which is striking really when you consider that I can’t even vote for anything other than national posts because I live abroad.

Well, now all of you Greeks, Peruvians, South Africans, Italians, and Indonesians can make your vote for President of the United States count.  Or at least count on the Economist’s web-page.  The Economist has started a “global electoral college” where everyone in the world can vote.  Given the world’s lack of love for our current esteemed president, Sr. Bush, you won’t be surprised to hear that Obama is, what’s the official term?, oh yes, “wiping the floor” with McCain in the Global Electoral College: 8,501 vs. 16.  And in only one country is McCain winning: Georgia.   Not surprising since Ms. Palin suggested a small war with Russia would be a trivial price to pay to defend Georgian sovereignty.

What you might be surprised to hear instead that Obama is also winning 81% to 19% in the good ‘ol USofA.  Tells us something about the readers of the Economist… but probably not the actual outcome of the election.  Too bad: 81 to 19 has a nice ring to it.


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