The American Election Goes Global

October 30, 2008

I did my part today to globalise the American election. For those of you who read my previous post where I lamented not being able to do anything for the election, I got over my fears of talking to “real Americans” about politics and let the Obama campaign generate me a call list of 25 Ohioans they were interested in talking to. I spent less than an hour calling all 25 people on my sheet, at about 10am Ohio time. Obviously, most people were at work. So I left lots of messages encouraging people to vote, and to vote early. I wasn’t particularly partisan, and I was (surprisingly) a bit nervous about asking the 7 or so people who I actually talked to who they were planning on voting for. But once I worked up the nerve, all of them said Obama. I collected my own stories about Americans in this election to incorporate into my virtual stump speech for Barack Obama here on the IC. Here goes…

“Thank you, thank you very much. You’re too kind. Really, thank you. You know, as I’ve called around a very small part of this great country, I’ve heard lots of stories. Stories from fathers, grandparents, and single moms. I remember talking to one father in Ohio, who was at home instead of at work because he was caring for a sick child. We talked about the challenges of being parents today, and about challenges with health care costs. He was going to support the Obama / Biden ticket for lots of reasons, and health care was one of them. I also remember a man who told me that he had voted for Democrats all of his life, and planned to do so next week. His house burned down recently, but that wasn’t going to stop him from going to the poles to support Barack Obama. Then there was a woman who was home caring for her elderly father. She wasn’t inclined to tell me who she was going to vote for, but she did say that there were lots of concerns on her mind about the state of the economy, and the state of health care, and she would be sure to cast her vote on Tuesday. What struck me about all of these Americans was their belief in democracy, their belief in their ability to help bring about change. Let’s give these great Americans, and all of you, something to believe in. A democracy worth believing in again.”

You think the campaign will hire me to write his next great speech? One can dream…


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