Fairtrade for Italians

November 20, 2008

My former colleagues at the Overseas Development Institute made the Financial Times today by arguing that the “fairtrade” labels which denote food sourced from developing countries should be simplified and broadened to a “good for development” label on products which contribute to poverty reduction.  This would help ensure that the benefits from such labels are spread more broadly across producers.

I don’t think that they had Italy in mind as one of the potential beneficiaries… but here’s an advert for the Bodyshop that seems to suggest that they are ensuring fair labour standards for community farmers in Italy.  While most of the world’s bergamot, especially that used commercially, is farmed in Calabria, and the south of Italy is notoriously less developed than the north, it’s a bit of a stretch to argue that the workers need the Body Shop’s protection to get a fair wage.


Again thanks to Freakonomics.


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