Santa “Too Big to Fail”

December 13, 2008

From the Wall Street Journal:  “With the government on the brink of rescuing the U.S. auto industry, we have learned that the Treasury Department is drawing up plans to bail out Christmas. “We have reason to believe,” said a person close to the matter, “that without an immediate capital injection, Santa Claus will fail before December 24.” Mr. Claus could not be reached for comment.  Government officials are said to be concerned at the risk that the collapse of Santa Claus could pose to the nation’s intricately related system of holiday happiness. Though a failure by Santa Claus poses the largest systemic risk, the government is also prepared to step in to bail out Christmas trees, caroling parties and mistletoe producers.”  Read more and happy holidays!


25 Responses to “Santa “Too Big to Fail””

  1. Natalie Aroz said

    Dear Santa,

    I believe!

    My name is Natalie. I live in Clovis California.
    All I want for Christmas is all the money in the world. I would like to spend it on making the world a better place for everyone to to live in.
    The world should be a happy and healthy place for all to enjoy, just like the North Pole.

    Merry Christmas
    With All My Heart and Love
    Natalie Aroz

  2. AGuuz ! said

    qQ TiiernO eL Papáá NoeL x’D
    me enqantOH !!

  3. sanya said

    well m livin in new delhi capital f india…..
    n i jus wanna meet cute santa claus….

  4. rafael said

    hola santa claus traime un bicicleta

  5. Melanie said

    “Hi Santa!
    Did you know somone cought you?”

  6. jamylet said

    Dear Santa my name is Jamylet.i live in PA
    for Christmas my lil brother Lil d and Jeanette and me we want a wii,mario cart,bendaroos,1 laptop,handy manny for lil d.

    love jamylet

  7. Taylor said

    Dear Santa Claus,
    I believe in you! I think you are cool! Am I on the good list? How are your reindeers? I have been a good girl this year.This year I want a American Girl Doll.

    Thank you love,


  8. Maddy said

    Dear Santa and Mrs.Clause,
    How are you this year? How are the raindeer? I have been very good this year. I love you and I think you are awesome. This year for Christmas I want the wii. How are the elves? They must be pretty busy this year. I love you. By the way this year I am staying at my grandma’s house for Christmas. As usual. Have a wonderful night!


  9. Maddy said

    Dear Santa and Mrs. Claus,
    How are you this year? I love you and you are awesome. I have been a very good girl this year. For Christmas I would like the wii. How are the reindeer and the elves? The elves must be pretty busy this year. This year I am going to stay at my Grandma’s house as usual! I hope you have a wonderful night. Merry Christmas! Love, Maddy

  10. Dear santa,

    Hi.I wanna a big pack of glass colours.MERRY CHRISTMAS 2 U.

    I LUV U.Bye.

  11. gentiana said

    hello im gentiana gashi my from kosova i like santa claus and i love my family and you santa clous plase welcome too kosova and too lappushnik
    ok you welcome bay bay

  12. sara said

    im sara i love christmas

  13. […] an email).  Modern kids, no doubt.  Many of them I have deleted, but there is still a sampling here to check […]

  14. Dear Santa, take away this PD from Italy, please! ;-)

    Happy new year, Simoni family!

  15. Taylor said

    Dear Santa and Mrs.Claus,

  16. Taylor said

    Dear Santa and Mrs.Claus,
    I ment hi.

  17. Faith said

    Dear Santa,
    I like T.V.

  18. Taylor said

    Dear Santa and Mrs.Claus,
    Happy New Years


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