Blogger’s Block

March 13, 2009

Those of you who read this blog frequently won’t need to be told that I currently have a specialised form of writer’s block… blogger’s block.  Since my last post on 4 March, I haven’t had the inspiration  to post anything.  Today, contemplating this failure to feed my blog, I detected a trend.

This is my second blog.  My first blog was created to keep me sane during the long period I spent on bedrest during my pregnancy with N.  About half of the nine months I was pregnant, I was confined to bed, which nearly drove me mad.  On the suggestion of a close friend, I started a blog, and used it to discuss a mix of things about pregnancy, politics and later, parenting.  But at some point I got tired of it, and ran out of ideas.  Writing became a chore rather than something I initially enjoyed very much.

Interestingly, I started that blog in September 2007, and wrote the last substantial post on 14 March 2008.   I started this blog on September 11 2008, and hit a wall this week.  Almost the exact same period.  Perhaps there is a natural limit to the number of months one can blog without running into writer’s block?

Of course I haven’t decided to close the Interdependence Complex.  The material on this blog lends itself to greater longevity as the topic has expanded from my life to the global polity.   But if I post a little less frequently these days, feel free to browse the archives of Inbedded Autonomy (the name of which comes from the corruption of another political science term).   While IC is on a mini-break, IA makes for some good reading.


2 Responses to “Blogger’s Block”

  1. Mrs. Coach Austin said

    Lauren, I’ll miss your blogs, though I’ll confess that they have recently become too technical for me. I like where you started out .. with cultural examples and anecdotes of interdependence. An American living in London will have daily observations of interesting international cultural phenomena. Go back and look at some of those early ones .. they’re insightful and amusing. I hope you enjoy your break and return to your blogosphere soon with another new and catchy title. Thea

  2. LMP said

    I didn’t mean to send the message that I am closing the blog! Was just suffering from some writer’s block. Actually will be posting something later today, so don’t tune out!

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