An Ace Up Their Sleeve?

April 1, 2009

This morning I attended a briefing at Chatham House entitled “The London Summit: Multiple Perspectives on the G20” where the Chatham House plugged the recent report in which I was a contributor and several notable members of the UK and Egyptian governments commented on the progress expected on the summit.

In the question and answer period, Chatham House’s director, Robin Niblett threw Lord Malloch-Brown, who has played a major role in organising the summit,  a self-described “curve ball” by asking whether the UK would consider giving up its seat in the IMF at tomorrow summit, acknowledging that I was sitting in the audience.  Lord Malloch-Brown said that he certainly supported ideas of IMF reform, but wouldn’t be so unwise as to “play his queen or aces” prior to the conference.  He also noted that he has spent a large part of his career backtracking on comments he once made that the UK should give up its seat on the UN Security Council.

Interpret as you will, but it sounded to me that the idea of the UK making a surprise announcement about their representation in the IMF is not as far-fetched as I thought even yesterday.  Here’s to hoping that the UK makes a surprise announcement which demonstrates a real commitment to reforming global governance, and using the G20 to focus on what it has a  track record of doing: forging agreement on global governance.


2 Responses to “An Ace Up Their Sleeve?”

  1. Plutarch said

    Sounds like you have got them thinking out of the box!

  2. Great wordpress post, I will bookmark this post in my Furl account. Have a great evening.

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