The Onion: Made in China

July 23, 2009

While bored on maternity leave, I once did a little experiment to see what percentage of my newborn son’s clothes, toys and paraphernalia were made in China.  The short answer was all of them (the longer answer can be read here). It took the satirical US newspaper, The Onion, just a little longer to realise that almost everything is made in China these days, but they have turned their absurd humour to the trend.  The joke: they’ve sold The Onion to the Chinese.  A sample of the headlines: “Toddler chokes to death on Tawainese made toy;” “Grandfather disrepected in own home,” and my personal favourite “Star Athlete Signs Contract for Millions of Weak U.S. Dollars.” Very funny, and also very politically incorrect.


One Response to “The Onion: Made in China”

  1. […] It’s well known that the US / Western spending splurge that proceeded the current financial meltdown was largely financed by China, along with other Asian and developing economies.  By investing in US debt, the Chinese financed a period of low interest rates and high credit, while at the same time plunking their massive trade surplus and foreign exchange reserves into what seemed to be a safe asset.  Now the fragile edifice has collapsed, but the Chinese are still holding more than two trillion dollars of, well, dollars.  Which means the US is indebted to China (for a humorous take on this, see this link which I discussed in my last post). […]

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