SWPL at LSE – I like it!

October 6, 2009

A lot of serious people come through LSE to give talks. Last week, the Hungarian Prime Minister was here. Last spring the Russian president was here; this summer, academic Dani Rodrik was on campus. Paul Krugman is often here and many politicians, policy makers, journalists and other notables pass through. Tickets are almost always on a first come first serve basis, and often sell out within 2 minutes of them being available online. The combination of my child care responsibilities and my bad luck in never being quite quick enough to request a ticket means that, unfortunately, I don’t get to see many of the public speakers that come to LSE.

Some not so serious people also give talks at the LSE. Later this month, one such person will be here: the author of a very funny blog called “Stuff White People Like.”  While usual LSE speakers tell us what Keynes would have thought about the ongoing financial crisis, what to do about terrorism or about the politics of oil, Christian Lander of SWPL will tell us why the urban middle classes (i.e. LSE students and faculty) like camping, buy sea salt or are interested in political prisoners (if you’ve got some time, it’s well worth browsing through some of the others – there are too many funny ones to cite). I’m sure that just by posting this, I’m marginally reducing my likelihood of getting a ticket, as free tickets to quirky presentations are one of the things that white people like…


2 Responses to “SWPL at LSE – I like it!”

  1. Sergio said

    There’s no ticket for this one! We’ll only have to queue to enter! Possibly not under this rain..

  2. LMP said

    You’re right, Sergio (and by the way welcome to LSE!). Probably means I’m even less likely to get in as the one thing British people like even more than free tickets is standing in queues…

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